Color By Number Critters


Just like most of you, I have had a passion for reptiles and other critters my entire life. I was always out flipping tins and getting dirty from hunting in the creek, and I still am. I spent most of my life in Wisconsin. There, I built up quite the enterprise, spanning from just about everything: snakes, lizards, frogs, salamanders, crocs, gators, turtles, tortoises, fish, fowl, wallabies, primates, livestock, rodents, but mostly venomous snakes.
In order to continue my schooling , I decided to move, plus I needed a warmer place than Wisconsin. So, I left everything and moved to Kentucky. There I continued my schooling and before long started the collection back up.  This time I wanted to focus more on just a few species and the government made that very easy by hiring me to conduct research on Panther Chameleons. I loved every minute of it and was very gracious for the opportunity, but after a few years it was time for me to move on, again.  That leads me up till present where I am now out on the west coast, pursuing the dream!